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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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naked photos. a group of teens swarming a local apple store getting away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. the well-coordinated robbery that have police investigating on the north shore. a little longer than the midnight ride, how about 4,000 miles long per what has driven a man to ride his bicycle across the country ending here on the north end. >> new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 6:00, it is september 7, hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a dreary morning around our neighborhood -- our state. shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center with how long the fog enters and how much will it last. >> not the prettiest of morning. lasts until 10 a.m. and chance of drizzle throughout the day. this is no longer called her
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some showers through the day. a similar set-up to yesterday, so i don't think it will be quite as wet. points north and west of boston where we have most of the drizzle right now, but pretty misty even from boston down to plymouth this morning. you will find temperatures are starting out in the 60s. the fog not too bad over the cape and islands even up through boston and gets thicker in beverly, lawrence, portsmouth and manchester, new hampshire. visibility in worcester finally start great, but it is better than the quarter-mile visibility that i had report each hour so far this morning since 4 a.m. in boston today opinion your hour-by-hour forecast starts off in the 60s with drizzle. we have mostly cloudy skies today highs make it into the low to mid-70s and we will see occasional wet weather. julie grauert is live in drive
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>> colors are starting to change. that orange stretching from the brain sprpd tree split to columbia road and the o'neill tunnel. north of the pike, route 1 and 93 south moving along fine. live look at the zakim bridge where things are starting early today. people are hitting the road a few minutes early and seeing the volume increase at least slightly. 24 minutes on the pike. 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 27 minutes on 9 south approaching the zakim bridge. good in one local town about a sketchy snap chat account. >> teen boying were asked for naked pictures by someone they didn't know. jessica reyes is live at the high school where this is happening and police are having a tough time investigating this because the students won't come forward. >> reporter: right, sara, they say none of the students involved with all of this have come forward, but this is certainly what one here is talking about at weston high school as teachers and
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very first week of school, and a lot of students here and their parents, they are understandably pretty creeped out at the thought there could be a predator on snapchat. school officials in weston sending a strong message to students as a snapchat scandal unfold at the high school. >> it is frightening because i know kids are on that all the time. >> reporter: the superintendent sent out a warning this week saying someone, they don't know who, started a fake snapchat account targeting you sophomore boys trying to the app. there were rumors that some of the boys had sent explicit photos back and not quite clear because no evidence and no one has come forward administrators and police don't know who the person could be or from inside or outside the school. >> it is terrible because serious consequences or could have serious consequences. >> this week the school brought in a police sergeant for an assembly trying to express just a how
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life-changing one photo can be. >> it is possession of child pornography and the authorities have to find out where it is starting where it is emanating from. >> despite that, many are concerned that the kids might not grasp how serious this is. >> kids know by now and we have the conversation with kids all the time that whatever is out there is out there forever, but i don't know if it really gets through to them. >> now because no one has come forward and technically no evidence, there is no active police investigation into this right now but officers are asking anyone with information about the people behind this to come forward. live in weston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. hingham police are investigating a well coordinated crime. a mob of teens stormed an apple store and made off with thousands of dollars of merchandise. daniel miller is in the control room with more on the investigation and what happened here. >> those teens got away with $14,000 in iphones. now police and apple want them
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street shops around 5:40 last night. witnesses say the teens were all wearing sweatshirts with their hoods on. they are accused of grabbing the iphones and making a mad dash to the door. a witness told police that some of the boys were seen leaving what looked to appear to be a white ford tau russ with license plates that were covered. the same witness said some of the group was running across the lot toward a kohl's. thieves are targeting apple stores nothing new to police in march of this year and apple store in new york city was robbed by thieves described as employees. suspects stole iphones worth nearly $18,000. back in july a group of teens ransacked this roslindale gas station. while the group only got away with candy and snacks, investigators in massachusetts are concerned of the increase in mob robberies happening in our area. hingham police are investigating the apple store robbery, and they are waiting
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crime. we will keep you posted when that happens. in the control room, daniel miller, fox25 news. a decision is expected this week in the controversy over a body camera pilot program at the boston police department. testifying yesterday the boston police commissioner said he believes the pilot program should move forward. as we first reported last month, 100 officers were randomly chosen to wear body cameras after no one volunteered. police union believes this was a collective bargaining issue and insist it is encourages members to wear them. new details are coming out about a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. prosecutors say video from the scene show the driver stopped to look at the victim's body before taking off. those details were revealed during anthony buchanan's arrangement accused hitting sims with a rental car on saturday and just before that, prosecutors say buchanan nearly hit a scooter. the scooter's driver had a small camera that captured the
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the charges being held on $5,000 bail. new this morning, a salem police officer is suing after losing part of her ear during an arrest. emma wiley is accused of biting off the officer's ear outside the tavern of the square a month ago. the salem newspaper says the officers is suing wilie for negligent and simple battery. she is going after the restaurant serving alcohol to wile host is oy a popular technical institute closing its doors leaving thousands of students around the country deep in debt with no education. that includes 6,000 students here in massachusetts. itt tech uchl cited a recent federal move that bans the for-profit schools from accepting new students for financial aid. the attorney general tells fox25 she is not surprised. earlier this year maura healy
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placement rate and curriculum. >> this is one of the pret tory for-profit schools taking advantage of students across the country. >> haley says the state's lawsuit will continue. in the meantime, three things she says students should do immediately. first cancel all payments to the school. second, save all documents related to payments already madeand finally, know rather that they are eligible discharge federal loans. new this morning worcester is looking to regulate short-term rentals set up through sites like air b & b. city counselors say a draft proposal they reviewed last night a good starting point. under the plan anyone rent out a room on air b&b will need special licensing, insurance and need to make sure their property is up to code. leaders say they also need to make sure that neighborhoods are protected. this all started after people in one neighborhood complained about a home there being used
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investigates have learned the company that runs the commuter rail is investigating workers for stealing taxpayer money by cheating on their time sheets. a leader of the union say officials for dee olis held disciplinary hearings for had time discrepancy for laborers who work in somerville. the investigation comes at a time when the mbta is looking to outsource more services to contractors. keolis will not tell us how mu fraud. today mass dot is holding another public meet being its new overhead tolls. it manatees a chance to explain how the tolls will work and how much it will cost drivers. today's meeting happening at north shore community college in lynn. last night in worcester. many people were concerned about having to pay more for tolls if they don't have an easy pass. mass dot also fox25 that data collected by the tolls will only be used in emergency situations like during an
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service apologizing to local customers after an issues with a coupon. some of those customers reached out to fox25. a spokesperson for peapod tell us that the company offered a coupon for current customers to share with one friend for $60 off their order; however, we are told the offer was posted on headline and some customers who were not eligible applied it to their order. our customer service team they say have been working closely for ineligible customers order for a full refund. we are offering those customers with $20 off their first order and 60 days of free delivery. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning, everyone, on 93 southbound, we are up to 31 minutes. that drive time slowly starting to creep up as you head from 495 to the zakim. shiri? >> a dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning. i don't have dense fog in boston.
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southeastern new hampshire, but boston kind of dreary this morning. we have light showers around and temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. the outspoken governor of maine is the center of a new controversy. only this time he is the victim. coming up new at :30, the mural that depicts governor lepage as a kkk member. volkswagen putting its diesel emission scandal in the past and looking to the future. german company is planning to
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6:14 is the time. meteorologist shiri spear. light rain on radar again this morning. most of it north of the pike. a little pocket near lynn where the showers are a bit steadier up to lowell, nashua, new hampshire. you will find that same rain. framingham moderate showers right now but the rain stretches all the way back into central mass and the
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happening today, this man will finish his cross country bike tour right here in boston. he has been cycling 4,000 miles to say thank you to police officers that he meets along the way. you bill morin left on june and only started preparing for his journey last november. live at the church where he is expected to finish his trip later today. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning. he is expect to be here early this afternoon 4,000 mile trek. what an incredible, incredible journey and he did the whole thing on his bicycle. i want to show you more pictures from bill morin's trip he started back in seattle in june. he dubbed it the twice across america the thank you tour because he did actually take a cross country trip more than 27 years ago. but morin aid on his blog that
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that trip and he had to start training before pedaling off three months ago. he is not only coming here to the north end he is meeting with a handful of massachusetts police departments this morning. 8:00 he is expected to be in plymouth then over to weymouth, quincy and then in boston. of course this is also weather dependent and road traffic dependent, but that a general outline of what he expects to do today. i have reached out to morin in order to help him story and as i have been joking, we will see if we can try to get one light on here at the old north church because he is coming by land. live, michael henrich. >> gene: three if by sea, three if by bike. breaking down barriers and breaking down doors to rescue people in danger. when the helmets come off, people see something different about these fire fighters. they are all women. the women tell fox25 they can do anything a man can do and then some.
6:17 am
that can fit through the bathroom window that happen to be unlocked. >> the five women joined the groveland fire department, and they see fire fighters evans as many years of experience. the other four are going to be going through the fire academy together this fall. julie reminds me of the ? anything i can do you can do better ? those girls are doing a great job. new accident at highland avenue. we are starting to see volume build, almost back to route 109. route 1 moving along fine. a little bit of picking up near the cloverleaf on 93 south. live look at the expressway. we haven't hit 6:30 the time i usually use to denote when things slow down. but we are already seeing heavier volume on the expressway. our slowest drive time right now. 26 minutes at least compared to the distance that we are measuring in our drive times. 27 minutes as you approach the exit to the pike. 36 minutes on 93 south.
6:18 am
from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now keeping an eye on early fog and some drizzle for commuters. >> shiri: yeah, i have to say that boston not looking too terrible. obviously we are kind of gray out here and i have seen worse as far as the fog goes in the city. any travelers north of boston or north of the pike a little more drizzle or fog. more drizzly times expected. the residents of hermine remain to the south and through tomorrow morning. south new hampshire facing beaches going to be the most dangerous. we are talking south coast, the south side in particular of martha's vineyard and nantucket to get some of the most dangerous rip currents. high surf advisory for waves up to 6 feet there. we are still seeing items as well and seeing rain light rain from boston to worcester to lawrence. check out worcester's hour-by-hour forecast though because start off kind of
6:19 am
the fog in the last hour, we have had some vast improvements. we went from quarter-mile visibility and dense fog to two-mile visibility. i know it doesn't sound fantastic but it is an improvement. we have mostly cloudy skies. and we have got occasional drizzle through the morning and possibly even into the afternoon 8 a.m. temperature warming up. upper 60s at 10 a.m. we hud make it into the middle 70s -- we should make it into the middle 7s spots. futurecast what was hermine no longer a named storm, but you can see it is still out there and we are still getting -- out from the ocean onshore and dragging in that moisture. these showers have still attached to that storm. at noontime, expecting some spotty rain to continue. same thing said for that 5 p.m. drive home from work at the same time. there will be some dry and cloudy spots and even thin spots in the cloud cover. best bet for breaks in the
6:20 am
afternoon but overnight more drizzle and fog. i sound like a broken record. a carbon-copy forecast of what we have last night overnight tonight and wake up to drizzly and cloudy conditions but with that hermine dying out, the remnants of that fading off the map, the next weather system that will be tracking toward us and we end up warm and humid and partly sunny tomorrow afternoon when we start to see some changes. a couple of 80s. we will see lows in the difficulties overnight with some scattered showers, and then highs tomorrow, how about some low and mid-80s. the temperatures are going up each day. 85 tomorrow. 88 on friday after probably a predawn shower here friday morning. partly sunny skies and dry and pretty bright on eight at 82. plan on sunday showers, but early next week looking spectacular with nice, crisp
6:21 am
highs in the 70s with monday and tuesday son sun. back to you. new hope for dozens of animals discovered at one of the state's worst cases of animal cruelty. coming up at 6:30, the big push around new england to get these animals a new home. how about waffles with
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volkswagen is reportedly in talks to team up with a chinese company to create line of electric cars exclusively for the country. according to forces confirmation could come as early as today. one of the top car sellers and china is volkswagen's biggest market. if the companies combine they will hit fuel economy standards. lego, the world's most profitable toy maker can't meet up with the demands for its buildings blocks in north america. the danish toy company reduced its marketing in america over the last six months so it will have time to produce more of the blocks. they have invested in a new factory in china, and they hope to increase sales again for the holiday season. and starbucks is looking to expand its food sales by
6:25 am
started testing out a menu a few weeks ago at locations in oregon. brunch menu features items like quiche, belgium waffles and french toast. no word if the chain plans to offer a wider scale. a crumbled up piece of paper. take a look. offering an a. that is far beyond three- university and a professor tosses a paper ball in a crowd of students demonstrating the process of donating a proton. he offers the entire class a perfect score on the first quiz if one student can throw the ball across the room and into the trash can. as you can see, voila, he nailed it. the video of the perfect toss ended up on the school's snapchat story and turned viral. >> good to know that they are earning those grades at ohio state. how many member of the football team are on n that
6:26 am
of the better jokes were at the expense of tom brady. peyton manning joked about rob lowe erroneously announcing the retirement on twitter four year ago. >> ever top casting new sitcom. you tried to take the air out of my retirement announce some fast you can probably get a job as tom brady's ball boy. [ laughter ] like that. comedian dickie glaser made a joke about manning. you are like tom brady being in commercials, the greatest. >> julie: they leverage themselves pretty well in the commercials. >> gene: peyton has done commercials. he is pretty good at that. he is good at commercials and brady is good at winning super bowls. >> julie: always fun. get a good laugh out of that. >> shiri: brady has a few
6:27 am
current chances. highs in the 70s but we have wave that are 3 to 6 feet. not exactly the safe day to head out to the coastline today. i will walk you through very gradual improvements coming up. and a family -- a family finally has answers to what happened when their 11-year-old son went missing. coming up at 5:30, the chilling new confessions from the boy's killer 27 years later. >> i have never seen an active le union members to step up. >> reporter: commissioner evans will be back on the stand as a hearing continues today about the issue of body cameras for boston police officers.
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about a half-shade of whitening. colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. it's now 6:30. a live look at boston. a pretty dreary morning. fog, drizzle lingeringers around and you will notice
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humidity is back as well. >> sara: your hair will notice it. how long the drizzle will last. >> shiri: you are making me feel self-conscious here. fog and drizzle. not pretty. we are not winning awards. but north and west. not dense fog but the visibility has dropped again in worcester up to two miles up to lawrence, beverly, take it easy between that and the fact light to pockets of rain from burlington, hopkinton. peabody into the boston area. you will to the find any more than mist. travel out of the worcester area up to hudson, new hampshire, you will find damp roadway. day planner starts us off in
6:32 am
mass pike.morning. but at noontime, 75. mostly cloudy conditions today. and just count on some occasional spot showers straight through the afternoon and the evening. i do have some good news, but it will take into late week to see those improvements. i will time them out in just a few. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic and an accident update. >> shiri, this accident still lingering on 128 northbound at the highland avenue in needham and though delays stretching past route 19. north south. live drive times. 33 minutes on the expressway pretty typical. 19 minutes on 95 north, but 32 minutes. the drive time on 128 have jump the because of that accident i just pointed out to you. back to you. checking our top stories this morning. an urgent warning from high school students from police. beware of predators on snapchat. this is directed to boys in
6:33 am
a user is contacting teenage others on the app and asking for explicit photos. they don't know anything about the accounthoeder including whether or not they are connected to the school. hingham is investigating a well-organized theft at the apple store. they rushed into the derby store location and made off with $13,000 worth of phones. they kept their head covered with sweatshirts and grabbed 22 phones and took off in a white car with the plates surveillance video will provide more clues. back in july we reported on a similar crime at a roslindale convenience store. the group only got away with candy and snacks, investigators are concerned of the increase in mob robberies happening in our area. happening today, boston's police commissioner heading back to court to defend the pilot program that will equip officers with body cameras. catherine parrotta is live where the union is trying to
6:34 am
bargaining agreement. >> reporter: because of that the filed in lawsuit and finished with commissioner evans on the stand. it will resume again with commissioner evan on the stand. the controversy surrounding body cameras for boston police officers. >> i have never seen an active letter discouraging to step up. >> reporter: he believes that is why the 1500 officers did not volunteer for the body camera prompting the commission assign the cameras to 100 officers. the controversial issue now going before a judge when boston police unified to temporarily stop the program. >> do you feel like -- >> you able to say hey, you have to wear these. >> like a gun and a badge. >> reporter: the aclu filed a brief saying they are not sure the union is on board with the idea of the program. it was reported yesterday the
6:35 am
union posted notices urging people not to participate in the program until the union reached an agreement with the city about it. according to the globe, one said "sanction: any officer that volunteers" written across the top. but the union denies them. >> do you take any action to discourage your members from volunteering? >> not at all ever. >> they are on board but want questions answered first. the city's police have nothing to hide but the only hoe how hard their jobs are. he hopes to launch the six-month pilot program monday. >> reporter: hearing will resume at 9:00 with commissioner evans on the stand. with the timeline, the judge hopes -- or intends to have a decision made on this by friday. live in boston, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. right now police are trying to track down the driver that hit a 19-year-old on umass lowell's campus and then took off. it happened just before 2 a.m.
6:36 am
who is not a student was walking with friends when she may have stepped out in front of the car and was knocked unconscious. the victim was taken to the hospital and released. the car is described as a gray or silver sedan with possible front end damage. there is more drama this morning surrounding maine's controversial governor and only this time he is the victim. look at this popping up at a building in portland. governor paul lepage in kkk governor paul lepage in kkk garb. he has been hit are racism after making comments of targeting massachusetts about the minorities and the nation's drug problem. but portland's mayor said the mural was inappropriate given the state's history of the clan. >> we are one of the founding states of the klu klux klan and what they did for our country. their hateful legacy and the terror they put on our country is something we always have to remind ourselves of so we never get back there. >> gene: the mural has been could have had up with
6:37 am
free speech and should have stayed. hundreds of animals who survived what is being called one of massachusetts's worst cases of animal cruelty is getting a second shot. 200 animals rescued from a westport farm are now in other states awaiting adoption. rescue groups in eight states around the northeast stepped in to help out. more than 1,000 animals were rescued from a farm earlier this summer, and most of the animals are still being treated at an emergency aspc a sh coming up new at 7:00, the woman come to new england to help save her brother from ms. david ortiz taking a swing at donald trump. why he says the republican's comments are a slap in the face. plus, students are getting a big surprise when they head back to school in year. up next, the local city that
6:38 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent e public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. frank always dreamed of vote no on question 2. exploring the rainforests of costa rica. but with the jetblue card, he got there faster than he could learn about the wildlife.
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a advocacy fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. traffic together every ten minutes. a live look at the zakim bridge. traffic flowing nicely over the zakim and the eleven will have. we are seeing the drive times. 49 minutes on 93 south as approach the leverett connector. shiri? >> and boston starting out gray early on this morning. and temperatures in the upper 60s what you are dressing yourself and the kids for at the bus stop early this morning. we have drizzly and foggy spots at 7 a.m. 3 p.m. for the kids coming home from school. fewer showers but still that potential here for some
6:41 am
an hour-by-hour look at the warm-up and the wet weather next. good night for the red sox out in san diego as they help ride the arm of clay buchholz. the sox beat the padres and bring them back to a first-place tie in the american league east. jackie bradley jr. getting things going for the red sox in the fourth inning with a runner on, jackie will send one over and out to right. a two-run shot, and the red sox take a 2-0 lead. chris young is the next batter and follows it up with a hurry. up the wall and over. a home run, back to back shots make it 3-0 in favor of the red sox. buchholz two and three thirds inning. red sox win it 5-1 and again are now tied to toronto and they finish up the series in san diego tonight. well, students at one holyoke elementary school getting a big surprise when they went back to school. kelly elementary school students will not be getting any homework this year. the principal says studies
6:42 am
time with their families. this no homework year will be considered a pilot near and will be evaluated next summer to see if standardized test scores improve do you recognize this man. lowell police hope somebody does to give this painting to its rightful owner. the receipt shows it was painted in the 1960s, but the department tells "the globe" that the man's lieutenant uniform shows on the force earlier in the '20s and '30s. studio. they want to know who the person in the photo is so they can give the painting to his family. checking in live with all of our reporters. we will do that after the break. plus disney world scanning people while it is into the park. why it is taking fingerprints from kids as young as 3 years old. everybody will have to
6:43 am
6:44 am
narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices public education. vote yes on 2.
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welcome back, 6:45 here and shiri spear here and everyone travelling in and out of boston. a little further north into woburn, lynn, you will reach steadier showers. marlborough you are dealing all the way up into southern new hampshire. take it easy on the roads, guys. :45. we are getting you up to the minute on all of the top stories this morning. >> sara: we are live in boston where the police commissioner will be in our on the second day to testify on body camera program. >> gene: a man will finish a 4,000-mile journey on a bicycle. a warning about snap chat and parents and students need to be aware of this.
6:46 am
>> i am jessica reyes in weston this morning where superintendent says someone has been targeting sophomore boys on snapchat trying to get them to send explicit photos. the principal was pretty concerned about rumors that up some of the boys had actually sent the photos back to the person asking for them but investigators really don't know for sure because no one involved on either end have spoken up police is not been able to determine who this person was or if they are from inside or outside of the school. parents and students are creeped out about think and we will be hearing from some of them in 15 minutes. in wesson, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. i am michael henrich reporting live in the north end. a man is expected to arrive right here at the old church later on today after cycling across america. the reason is quite simple. he wanted to meet as many police officers fire fighters
6:47 am
you. i just hung up on the phone with him. i spoke with him for several minutes. hung up 5 minutes ago and he says he is very excited to make his way here to boston ending a 4000-mile stretch and he will meet as many cops as he can to say simple words of gratitude. hear from him in our next live report in the next hour. live from the north end, michael henrich, news. i am fox25 catherine parrotta. the police commissioner will be back on the stand as it continues of the body camera program. the unified a lawsuit about this two fridays ago august 26. they say this pilot program that will force sfeshs to wear
6:48 am
the union president said he never told percent not to volunteer for the program. he want questions answered first. commissioner evans took the stand and said he can believe that he can tell not to wear stand and said he can believe that he can tell not to wear the and it is the commissioners' hope that this program could kick off on monday 12th. the judge needs to have a decision made on this by friday. live in boston, catherine parrotta, fox 25 back at 6:48 on this wednesday morning. not a great start weather-wise. kind of dreary. >> sara: let's just cheer people up. shiri, can you put a positive spin on this. >> shiri: if only we can press the fast forward button. we have more fog, rain and high surf. each of these items have been kind of kicked back on the
6:49 am
you know what won't be there is the wind. we have patchy fog. not dense fog. it won't be too problematic rain i am putting in this light category because out there on and off for today and mostly light. high surf is something that we are watching especially for the south-facing beaches which are closest to the remnants here of hermine. and that will be spinning away for the next day and a half. we still have spotty showers. it is going to be a lot like it is right now. it is pretty tough to pinpoint exactly which towns and cities are going to be dealing with the scattered showers, but the trend this morning is from boston to worcester northward for a lot of that steady light rain during the morning commute. we should generate a couple more showers by noontime and puts everybody -- i should say anybody at risk for some scattered drizzle. at the same time, we will have dry breaks in there, perhaps a couple of thin spots in the clouds. don't get too excited.
6:50 am
and:00 for the afternoon on the drive home from work, again we have wet roads. the best bet for clouds will be north and west of boston here, but all things considered, it will be a lot like yesterday and i know yesterday did not impress many of you with the ongoing drizzle should be a little drier today. we have got the same thing again tomorrow morning. we will have more fog. more scattered light rain. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, but by the afternoon, finally, finallyha break. so the wind is even lighter than yesterday. 12-mile-per-hour sustained on the vineyard. 15-mile-per-hour sustained in nantucket. a little breezy kind see a couple of gusts around the cape and islands around 25 miles per hour. but a lot lighter. 68 in boston. we only have a 10-mile-per-hour breeze. mostly cloudy skies today. by 10 a.m. 72 degrees. by noontime, 73. we make it into the middle 70s today and we have got some scattered rain. on top, there are a couple spots where we could squeeze
6:51 am
so close in arlington, newton at 79. 76 in newton. 74 in malden. a little bit cooler rather at the coastline, more 80s in fitchburg and new bedford. 79 in plymouth. 79 in manchester, new hampshire. so a day where upper 70s, lower 80s. we are back into the 60s with sprinkles and fog overnight and although tomorrow morng partial sun with temperatures around 85 degrees. it is getting hot in here. watch out for early morning showers and partly sunny skies. 88 the high. 80s and partial sun on saturday, but then on sunday, you have to be ready for a couple of more late weekend showers. still ironing out the timing of those but early next week looking spectacular. send you over to julie with live drive time traffic. >> julie: shiri, good morning were waiting for this accident
6:52 am
needham. stretching back to 95. i would avoid 128 or give it 15 more minutes and then it will be cleared out. an accident on 495 southbound right before 93 in andover. and those delays stacking back -- stacking up slightly as well. kind of a tough-to-see shot of the tobin bridge there, but volume is very slow. live dry time. 37 minutes on the expressway. almost an hour already on 3 south from andover down to the leverett connector. 4 segment where the accident happened in needham. back to you. national security will be the focus of talks on the campaign trail today. this morning, donald trump is expected to call on congress today to boost military spending during a speech in philadelphia. the gop nominee and hillary clinton will be asked about their foreign policy plans during a forum later today. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more on the day's events.
6:53 am
candidates are scheduled to meet at a forum to talk about security issues, this comes as donald trump receives endorsement from nearly 90 members of the military. the republican nominee received a letter of support signed by 8 8 former members of the armed forces after calling for an overhaul of the nation's military. trump says he plans to increase military spending and end budget cuts but haven't said much about how that will happen. at his rally yesterday, he also said he wants to make health and hillary clinton is calling out donald trump on those military plans at her campaign event in florida. she criticized his past comment from military families and veterans. the democratic nominee doesn't agree on his plans for national security. >> when it comes to fighting isis, he has been all over the map. he has talked about sending in american ground troops, not on my watch. that is not what we are going to do. >> daniel: clinton has been
6:54 am
politicians. senator elizabeth warrant is hitting the campaign trail this week to rally for the democratic presidential hopeful. the senior senator from massachusetts will return to philadelphia just a month after she delivered her convention speech there. senator warren has an event scheduled on friday. there is just 62 days until the november election and fox25 will have you covered right here on air and online at in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller,ox david ortiz taking a swing at donald trump. he recently did an interview discussing the republican's comments about latinos. in an interview big papi said hard-working latinos are not getting the request they deserve from the presidential candidate. say trump's comments don't do with 8 with him. ortiz said when it speaks like that for us, it is a slap in the face. as latin people we deserve respect no matter where you
6:55 am
brothers who come here willing to do all the dirty work. a college in washington state is being hit with backlash for hiring a controversial professor. melissa click has signed on at gonzaga university in spokane. she became infamous threatening a student journalist at the university of missouri. the umass amherst alum was fired from the school earlier this year and police are using facebook to blast her new employer for givin gonzaga university's only comment is to assure people their feedback has been heard. the kidnaper and murderer. dan el heinrich confessed of taking jacob wetteringly, kidnapped him at gunpoint and killed him. the confession is all part of a plea deal. he will likely receive 20
6:56 am
tears. the only option that your kid is going to get to protect itself against the flu this season president shot. the popular alternative flu mist won't be an option for kids. cdc says it just doesn't work well enough. according to the american academy of pediatric, one 6 months and older should be vaccinated by the flu by next month. well, bad news for hurricane iddle-swift fans. the singer and actor have called it quits heaven. three months of taylor swift and tom hiddleston. they didn't agree on how public the relationship should be. he reportedly wanted things out in the open while swift wanted more privacy. >> gene: she can do better. and she will. maybe. 6:56 this morning. the day is here. if you are an iphone fan, big
6:57 am
iphone. coming up at 7:00, the biggest rumors circulate being the release and what it could mean for music lovers. a little boy is faced with a real-life version of home alone. coming up new at 7:00, the burglary caught on camera and what that 12-year-old did to keep him safe. we are seeing things slowing down much earlier than usual. new accident on the zakim bridge has turned it into a parking lot. new drive times in a moment. rain coverage will be be shrinking over the next instead of 60% chance of rain.
6:58 am
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>> shiri: now at 7:00, rain and fog and when things will finally clear up. >> jessica: warning high schoolers about a sketchy snapchat account. >> it is terrible because it could have serious >> lewd messages people are getting and why this erhaving a difficult time getting to the bottom of this. >> sara: why disney plans on fingerprinting children as young as three yearseld. yearseld -- old. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, it is 7:00 on wednesday morning. it is september 7th on


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